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Also see Setup Requirements and Safety Rules pages for more detail

*** if there is to be face painting at the event, we must be informed upfront, so that we can make sure that only face paint that is safe for vinyl material is used. Please give us the name and contact info of the face painter so that we may talk with them prior to the event.

Questions to ask any rental company before renting:

1. What is the actual size of the inflatable?

It is important to know if the company is showing their setup space needed for the inflatable, or the actual size of the inflatable. If they are listing the setup space, you might get something smaller than what you expected when you are comparing prices between companies. Capitol City Speed Demons/Central Illinois Inflatables lists the actual size of the inflatable so you know what you are getting for your money. We don't even count the entrance ramp into a bounce house in the size listed so you know the actual jump area of the bounce.

2. What type of power requirements do I need?

Most blowers need to be on their own separate 20 amp circuit. They take a regular house hold plug in but they cannot be on the same circuit as something else that draws a lot of power. The number of blowers needed vary with the size of the inflatable. Most take one blower but some can take up to 3 blowers.

3. Does the price include delivery?

Capitol City Speed Demons/Central Illinois Inflatables delivers, sets up, and picks up all for the price we quote you when you call. Locally the price ranges from $10-$30 because we can deliver to several customers in a relatively short drive time. When we travel further out, there may only be one customer so we charge based on road time covering 2 round trips. Give us a call for an exact quote.

We charge a fee to help cover transportation, delivery costs, including road time for the workers outside of the local area. For most backyard parties we try to stay within a 30 minute radius of our location. For larger events, renting several items we try to stay within a 1-2 hour radius of our location. We are happy to provide an exact price quote for you so give us a call.

4. Do I need sandbags or stakes?

If you have an outdoor party, and are setting up on grass, stakes are used and included in the price. If you are setting up on asphalt or concrete, you will need sandbags. If you have an indoor setup, you need sandbags. Sandbags are used to weigh the bounce down for safety. Sandbags add considerable weight and labor compared to stakes in the ground and we charge a small fee to cover this.

5. If indoors, what are the entry requirements into the building?

Most inflatables are very heavy and it would be impossible to go up or down stairs. Most inflatables need a double door with a center post that is removable. And don't forget ceiling height when planning your indoor location, most inflatables need a minimum of a 15 foot ceiling unless the unit is a small one. Check the height of the inflatable you are renting for the exact setup space needed.

6. What type of things do I need to consider when having an outdoor party?

* All Inflatables will be staked into the ground unless prior arrangements are made to use sandbags

* If you have a fenced in area that we must enter, please make sure you have a 4 ft gate for the dolly to come through with your inflatable.

* Semi level grass surface (no hills, no potholes, no steps). Any debris must be removed (sticks, rocks, animal excrement, sharp objects, etc.). No low over head trees or power lines. No gum ball trees. No bare ground, or field like ground with multiple bare dirt patches, or weedy lots.

* Animal excrement must be picked up at least 24-48 in advance to allow the surface area to dry. Keep animal from re-depositing in the cleaned area.

* For grass surfaces: Do not mow the day before, or the day of, the event.

* In ground water sprinkler systems must be shut off 24 hours prior to the event and must be marked if present. You must be present during setup and point out where we can stake or not stake the inflatable into the ground. We are not responsible for any damages to the sprinkler system.

* You should know where your underground power lines, gas lines, and water lines are. Most stakes are an 18 inch depth and most underground lines (with the exception of a sprinkler system) should be deeper than 18 inches but it is your responsibility to tell us if there are areas that should not have a stake driven into it.

* If paved surface was scheduled: Area must be swept or blown. No broken concrete, potholes, or rocks.

7. What about weather?

Outdoor setups are weather dependent. They cannot be setup when wind gusts are expected to be over 25 mph. They also cannot be setup in rain or winter weather. If you want to make sure your party can go on independent of the weather, check into renting a gym at a local school or church.

8. Do rentals need to be supervised by an adult?

Absolutely! Adult supervision is required for all items. For the safety of the children an adult must always supervise the inflatable but the good news is that you may provide your own supervision. Most rules are good old common sense rules (like no head first slides!) but we provide all rules in written form in your contract and verbally go over them the day of setup so that safety is first and foremost.

Our prices do not include the attendants for most of the items. If you are having a large event and don't have enough volunteers to staff each inflatable you rent and need attendants, just ask us for pricing and we will do our best to staff the event for an additional charge.

9. Are you insured?

All reputable rental companies will carry insurance so make sure to ask this question. Capitol City Speed Demons/Central Illinois Inflatables is fully insured and can show you our certificate anytime, Just ask!

10. Are you having a public or private event?

If it is public, you need to rent from a company that is licensed and inspected by the State of Illinois. If you rent from someone who is not, you risk being fined by the State. Capitol City Speed Demons/Central Illinois Inflatables units used for public events are inspected and registered with the State of Illinois.

11. What if I want to have the inflatable set up in the park for my party?

You need to contact the park district where you will be having a party and make sure you have the necessary permits for that park.

12. Do you require a deposit?

You want to rent from a company that will guarantee the unit you want will be available for your party. The rental company also needs to guarantee that you will not cancel on them after they promised to hold the inflatable for you and turned away other business. Asking for a deposit protects both of us. Capitol City Speed Demons/Central Illinois Inflatables asks that you pay a 50 % deposit that is also covered by a weather policy. If we would not be able to setup because of wind, rain, or other inclement weather, your deposit is either fully refundable or can be applied to a rescheduled or future date.

13. How should I evaluate a party rental company? When evaluating a party rental company, be sure to consider the following:

Are they fully insured? Some party rental companies do not carry liability insurance putting you and your children at risk. Operating an inflatable without insurance is unethical and irresponsible and you should not choose these companies. Capitol City Speed Demons/Central Illinois Inflatables is fully insured for both their inflatables/games as well as their mobile laser tag.

Are they a registered business? Capitol City Speed Demons/Central Illinois Inflatables is registered with the State of Illinois as Capitol City Speed Demons, LLC and as DBA Central Illinois Inflatables.

Do they carry proper permits to operate in your state? All of Capitol City Speed Demons/Central Illinois Inflatables inflatable units that go out for rent in any public event are inspected by the State of Illinois.

Do they clean the inflatables between rentals? Inflatables need to be kept clean and dry for storage or else they will get moldy with all the moisture that is trapped in, and will leave major stains. Capitol City Speed Demons/Central Illinois Inflatables brings all inflatables back to our location for any cleaning and disinfecting that needs to be done, and allows it dry thoroughly before being rolled back up for storage. We go out of our way to keep all of our inflatable units looking just as new as the day we first bought them.

14. What if I have question or need anything after the setup is completed?

Just call us any time. If we won't be home during your rental, we also share our mobile phone numbers with you so you can get answers immediately.

15. How do I know your rentals will be as successful at my location, as they were in other locations that have hired you in the past?

Repeat customers are the best form of advertising because people talk about their parties, what they liked, and what they didn't like, or want back the next year. We have had many repeat customers over the past years. Many of our post proms call us early (like August/September) to start booking for April/May post proms the next year, so they can get the items they want the most. (Our premier Laser Force laser tag is a one of a kind!) We post many of our location photos on our Facebook Page . Give us a LIKE for news and some fun contests too. We also have many other video and pictures from other events that we can share with you. You can also contact the people from previous years and talk with them about the great service we have provided. You can read what our customers say on our Facebook Reviews page and on our Testimonials Page on this website.

16. Why choose Capitol City Speed Demons/Central Illinois Inflatables over other rental companies that might be near by?

Simply put, we are the best.

We pride ourselves on having the cleanest, highest quality units. You may be able to find another rental company that costs a little less, but I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for. We are big enough to give your event an EXCELLENT TIME but small enough to give you PERSONALIZED SERVICE! Because we personally handle everything from setup to tear down we guarantee you the best experience. We provide affordable fun for everyone and no party is too small or too big as we have a wide variety of inflatables and games and can tailor a package to fit your group. Why have the headaches of having to pickup, setup, and return an inflatable for your party when you have so many other things to organize and plan for? Let us help make your day go much smoother and do the work for you! Check out what some of our customers have said after renting from us at our Testimonials Page on this website.

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