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We Have Reasons!

Have you every wondered WHY the rules we list are so important?  Well we have 10 short videos that cover some of our BASIC RULES and the REASONS behind those Rules.

Adult Supervision is a MUST at all times!  As tempting as it might be, Inflatables are not a babysitter.

No Head First Slides!  There is too big of a risk for head and neck injuries.

The Landing Area of the Slide Must Be Clear Before the Next Person Comes Down the Slide!. No one wants to wait to go down the slide, but this is very important so no one gets hurt. Imagine the collision impact!

Parents should not go down the slide with a small child in their lap.  When you have a timid child who is afraid to go down the slide, it might seem like a wonderful reassuring way to put the child at ease if mom or dad takes them down the slide in their lap.  But this could be very dangerous.  Watch this video to find out why.

No Flips in the bounce house!  Why?  It won't hurt the bounce.  BUT, someone's feet will end up kicking someone else in the nose and then you have a bloody mess and an injured child!

Don't mix different age groups and sizes in the bounce  Bigger kids can fall on little kids and cause serious injuries.

Please pay attention to the capacity limits listed in your contract  Not only is over loading the bounce dangerous for the kids but you could end up paying for major repairs or even replacement costs by not following the rules on the number of kids in the bounce at one time.  

Wind Speeds  You don't want to be on the news for your child flying away in the bounce and neither do we!  Please watch this video for why paying attention to wind speeds are important and what you must do to prevent injuries and damage to the inflatable.

No Jumping off the Top of the Slide!  Dare devils love to push the limits but we don't want them getting hurt. What this video to find out what could happen.

One at a time up the ladder.  There are several reasons for this and Safety is number 1! Please watch this video to find out our reasons for this very important Rule!

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