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Water Fun 53 ft Tsunami Dual Lane Water Slide & Slip n Slide

Water Fun 53 ft Tsunami Dual Lane Water Slide & Slip n Slide

    • Actual Size: 53ft x 13 ft x 22ft
    • Setup Area: 63ft x 33ft x 23ft
    • Outlets: 3 blowers, need 3 separate 20 amp circuits
    • Price: $1050
    • Attendants Required But Not Provided: 1

    • To reserve, Call (217) 498-8774 or Email games@mchsi.com. Be sure to include your address & phone # in your email or voicemail.

53 ft Tsunami Dual Lane Water Slide with Slip n Slide

You'll have a blast with this monster!  One ladder provides the climb to the top (hand hold straps run the length of the ladder for a safer climb) but then two kids can slide down at the same time, each safely in their own lane, into the dual lane slip n slide, and then ending up in the attached pool.  What fun!!!

It is 22 feet high, 13 feet wide, and a total of 53 feet long when both the slip n slide and pool are attached. Just the slide and the pool are approximately 35 feet long. The slip n slide and the pool together are 30 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 6 feet high.

 When rented separately these two pieces total $1100 but when rented together, your cost is only $1050.  You save $50!

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Tsunami Water Slide Rental

Tsunami Slip & Slide Rental

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