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Water Fun Beat The Bucket Water Game

Water Fun Beat The Bucket Water Game

    • Price: $200
    • Attendants Required But Not Provided: 1

    • To reserve, Call (217) 498-8774 or Email Be sure to include your address & phone # in your email or voicemail.

Beat The Bucket

Monday thru Thursday Special (holidays excluded, no double discount) just $175!

A great alternative to a dunk tank!  Always clean water to get soaked with.  Uses less water but still accomplishes the same thing---someone is getting wet and someone gets to practice their aim---but with an additional twist---the person about to get wet also gets to try and defend themself.

Looking for a great water game that lets you battle your friends?  Well look no further!

This rents for $200*.  Week day special (Monday thru Thursday, excluding holidays) is only $175*. 

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Beat The Bucket is unlike any rental game you have ever seen. More interaction, increased competition, and a twist of technology have helped to create a unique experience for all involved. In almost all water games, a single player stands or sits while a second player tries to hit a target that will dump, dunk, spray, or splash them. Unfortunately for the victim, there has been no means of defending themselves... until now.

Beat The Bucket allows a player the opportunity to control their fate; provided they have the reaction time and skill to do so. A single player stands behind the station and with the aid of a blocking arm, can defend the two targets from being hit. A second player throws water-logged balls (or Juggle Balls, Tennis Balls, Nerf Balls) while trying to hit the 2 targets. If the player using the blocker can act quickly enough, they can stop the ball from hitting the target. However, should the ball happen to strike a target, a cool, refreshing bucket of water is dumped from above. The bucket then automatically resets and fills with water, ready for the next defender.

Take turns at birthday parties or wind-ups, or find that hi-profile celebrity willing to play for your next fundraiser.

Low Water Consumption

No Age, Ability, or Physical Restrictions


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